Using a Guitar Chair in the Kitchen


This post is about me using a guitar chair in the kitchen as per the recommendation of who as a musicians, thought that adding an ergonomic guitar stool to my life would make a difference.

Okay this is going to be by far my weirdest blog post yet but you’ll definitely understand why by the end of it. Well, at least I hope you will understand but alas! We carry on..

So to put it simply, I cannot go a day without being in the kitchen or at least being involved in some form of cooking or baking.

The other day I did some serious damage on my ankle at crossfit training and to put it mildly, walking was challenge. So with this injury I was told by the Doc that I’d be on crutches for the next 6 weeks and that standing in the kitchen was a definite no for me.

I was going to have absolutely none of it from the Doc but I knew if I didn’t listen that I’d do even more damage and regret it in the long run. So I decided to come up with ways in which I could still move around the kitchen but without standing.

After doing a lot of research online, I came across a guitar chair on wheels. The guitar chair can also lock into place and remain stable. I am also able to adjust the height very easily so I easily tower over the kitchen counter

I’m now skating around the kitchen on this guitar chair without putting any pressure on my ankle whatsoever.

Using this chair does come with its downsides though, I make such a mess in the kitchen now because I ride over some of the fallen ingredients by mistake. That is nothing compared to how long it takes me to cook as opposed to being able to stand. However, for me that is a small sacrifice to make in order to be able to stay doing what I love and that is cooking and being around the kitchen.

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