D’Espresso, NYC

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Located in New York City, this uniquely designed coffee shop completely caught my eye.  It smacks of innovative interior design & architectural genius.  Walls, floor & ceiling are adorned with wallpaper that evokes bewildered glances, head nods & impressed smiles.  Refrigerated glass counters display the day’s food offering, and a nifty front refrigeration panel invites customers to grab their own drinks.

The lighting is fairly sterile, yet works well with the elements of wallpaper design, wooden paneling, subtle furniture & stainless steel throughout the service area.

Find D’Espresso on 317 Madison Ave at 42nd Street, NYC.

* D’Espresso is the brainchild of the architects & design gurus at Nema Workshop.  Images courtesy of & credits due to The Cool Hunter for featuring this little gem!

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