Col’Cacchio Chef Series


I was very pleasantly surprised one wet morning last week when a rather large and mysterious parcel arrived on my doorstep.  Closer inspection revealed a basket filled to the brim of pizza-making delights from Col’Cacchio.  From tomato passata to fresh pizza dough; a rolling pin to a shiny pizza slicer, they had thought of everything and hooked me up in a very grand way.

Col’Cacchio are on the search for the fourth and final spot in their Celebrity Chef Series for 2012, and just about anybody can enter the competition to be the last ‘celebrity’ chef! The requirement is to create a signature pizza for Col’Cacchio’s August menu and the winning pizza will find a permanent home on their menu.  How amazing? And, R5 from each pizza sold this year will go to the Children’s Hospital Trust, so this is not just about darn good pizza, it’s about doing good, too.  Good on ya, Col’Cacchio!

Here are my 2 entries:

Crispy & spicy chicken livers, sautéed exotic mushrooms in a lemon thyme cream reduction with caramelized onions & wild rocket

The second pizza I made was a dessert pizzette with a honey & vanilla mascarpone base, balsamic macerated strawberries, honeycomb soil and fresh mint leaves. I’d recommend serving this dessert with a cheeky amaretto liqueur.

To enter the Col’Cacchio Pizza Challenge, create your own original pizza on the Col’Cacchio website before 3 July 2012. The winner also gets a year’s worth of free pizza.  Yes, please!

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