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Jorgensen’s Distillery is a name you might have heard before.  Known for their organic spelt vodka, Savingnac brandy made from Chenin grapes grown in their backyard, a gorgeous Limoncello made from the neighbours organic lemons and a Macedonian juniper berry and exotic Grains of Paradise-spiced gin, this is one craft distillery doing things differently. Roger Jorgensen, Master Distiller, has a few new products simmering in his stills and gave me some insight into what we will be seeing from Jorgensen’s Distillery in the coming months.

Expect a range of Primitiv Vodka Expressions: chilli, horseradish and espresso – using organic or homegrown botanicals. Roger’s Afrodite African Bitters will spice up cocktails and soft drinks alike. A currently unnamed Pisco spirit – an aromatic un-matured Peruvian brandy – is waiting to be bottled as is a Norwegian Linie-style Aquavit which Roger plans to name after his grandfather whose portrait watches over him in his office. Add an Agave spirit from Blue Agave grown in Graaf Reinet and this only just touches the surface of new product ideas the Still Man is generating.

Asked about the creative process, Roger is relentless in his drive of lesser-known handcrafted products; spirits that aficionados are passionate about but are largely ignored by mainstream producers.  The packaging and presentation is vital too; each product is given a type-appropriate look and feel to honor its origins whilst keeping things fresh and simple.

It is these fundamental ideals that Roger and Dawn Jorgensen have that roots them in the artisanal revolution that is being experienced globally, and it’s the same principals that I believe will plant this brand firmly atop the list of South Africa’s leading spirit producers.

Jorgensen’s Distillery

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