Jardine Bakery becomes Jason

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In light of the recent closure of Jardine Restaurant, there have been a lot of concerned Capetonians wanting to know what will become of the very popular bakery side of this venture. I recently sat down with Jason Lilley, baker & co-owner of Jardine Bakery to find out what the future has in store for those of us with bacon croissant addictions, and other similar epicurean conditions.

Jason explained that he would be starting his own business in the current premises, utilizing the whole of the ground floor space.   The venture is called Jason, and will begin trading on April 1st, 2011.  Jason, also known as his famous twitter alias Captain Bread, will be introducing an extensive a la carte menu & more seating for customers inside, and will keep the quaint hole-in-the-wall service area to continue serving those customers who pop in for a quick fix.

It seems to me as if we can expect all of the same awesome stuff we’ve come to know and love and then some. I had the opportunity to join Jason at the bakery recently to prepare the porchettahe served at the We Love Real Beer event and noticed that structural changes were well under way.  As we deboned a 35 kg free-range pig together, Jason chatted happily to me about what he’s planning for the space.  It’s obvious that he’s incredibly excited and motivated to get going with his new business, and is busy looking at introducing more local suppliers  in his new menu.   In between meeting with architects, liaising with landlords and overseeing the current bakery operations, Jason somehow still manages to greet his customers in his usual crass but lovable manner each day.  For a guy whose up every morning at 4am, I really don’t know how he does it.

So there you go, panic not – the changeover will be completely seamless.  Visit the man himself on the corner of Bree & Bloem streets in the CBD, or call 021 424 5644. The @JardineBakery twitter account will soon be deactivated, so make sure you follow @CaptainBreadZA to stay connected.

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