Autumn tomato salad


Tomatoes are the type of fruit that you either love or hate. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.  It’s the same with avocados and mushrooms.  2 very distinct camps of people.  I am so passionate about tomatoes, they even feature in my Last Meal. You know, that moment in the movies when the prison wardens get the inmate anything they like before they fry said inmate in the electric chair?  I wonder who actually makes those meals?  And if you’re an inmate on death row who actually has a palate for fine food, would your œufs à la neige be any good if they were made in the prison kitchen?  How would you feel if your final mouthfuls had been prepared by somebody who knew not what œufs à la neige were?  I reckon I’d feel completely hard done by, as if that moment of poorly executed eggs in snow was in fact a sad metaphor for my life.  Pretty deep just for tomatoes, huh?

Autumn has arrived.  I write that with no joy or enthusiasm, because you see I am a summer child.  One who flourishes under blue skies & intense African heat.  With sun-kissed skin and sand between my toes, I’m the girl you’ll see quietly taking in the final moments of the dipping sun before it disappears beyond the horizon.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy scarves and boots and hats, no doubt – but summer has forever stolen my heart, and I cling frailly to it with all of me when it eventually begins to fade.

I was lucky enough to find an amazing selection of organic tomato varieties the other day, and put together this very quick salad to accompany a braai.  I found yellow mini pear tomatoes, zebra tomatoes, black Roma tomatoes and mini vine tomatoes.  I thinly sliced half a red onion, tore up some basil leaves & dressed this all with lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil, a splash of Modena balsamic vinegar & cracklings of salt flakes & telicherry black pepper.  It was the perfect example of how simple food can be bloody good if you use the best ingredients around.  Oh, and it cost under R30.

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese, anybody?  I didn’t think so.

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