Royal Wedding Cake Woes

found this story on SlashFood about cake designer Betty Crocker.  She’s trying to steal a bit of attention surrounding the impending royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton by showcasing a range of 4 wedding cakes, specially made for Wills and Kate, asking voters to select their favourite online.

Here are Betty’s stellar cakes:

Sticking to the theme something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, our Betty has outdone herself with these cakes.

The cake on the left is detailed with pearls and is designed to hang from the ceiling like a chandelier.  Hands up who wants the job of cutting that?

The second cake included frosted sugar cookies, which are supposed to resemble topiaries (obviously British), but somehow looks more like a piñata.

The third cake looks as if it’s been made entirely from Twinkies that have been carefully cut out in craft class, and decorated with berries & icing sugar.

But the fourth!  My goodness.  I quote SlashFood’s article:  “…a postmodern construction of offset boxes made from Royal Blue Velvet Cake that looks like it would definitely more at home in an Ian Schrager hotel than in the banquet hall at your local V.F.W.”  Indeed.

I shudder to think what shade of pale Kate would turn if she were presented with these as her selection.

The royal couple would be much better off with Roxanne Floquet in charge of their wedding cake, in my humble opinion!

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